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What Makes for a Successful CapFlow Referral Partnership: Benefits & Insights

Are you considering becoming a CapFlow Referral Partner? This decision could be a pivotal move for both you and your clients. CapFlow is renowned in the invoice factoring industry for its exceptional reputation and commitment to excellence. Here’s a closer look at why joining us as a referral partner can be a game-changer for you. 

Competitive Compensation Packages 

CapFlow places a high value on its referral partners. When you partner with us, you can expect advances of up to 90%, ensuring your merchants receive a significant portion of the value right from the beginning. What sets CapFlow apart is its commission structure—brokers earn an impressive 10% of earnings, an industry-leading rate that underscores CapFlow’s dedication to your success. 

Efficiency: Fast Approvals & Funding 

We understand that time is of the essence. Referral partners benefit from a streamlined approval and funding process. With CapFlow, you can count on swift approvals and funding, ensuring your merchants receive the working capital they need promptly. 

Exceptional Customer Retention 

A testament to CapFlow’s dedication to quality service is its impressive customer retention rate. On average, customers who choose to factor with CapFlow stay with us for over five years. This remarkable figure speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction that CapFlow consistently delivers to its clients. As a referral partner, this also means you can expect a steady stream of commissions over the long term. 

Diverse Industries, Boundless Opportunities 

CapFlow caters to a wide range of industries, providing referral partners with a diverse portfolio of potential clients. Whether it’s Agriculture, Apparel, Staffing, Telecommunication, Oil and gas, Manufacturing, Import/Export, Landscaping, Janitorial, or many others, CapFlow has a proven track record of success in various sectors. This diversity translates into limitless opportunities for referral partners to tap into a broad client base. 

Additional Benefits of Being a Referral Partner for Factoring 

Quick and Simple Referral Process

We’ve streamlined the referral process, making it quick and hassle-free. 

Solidifying Relationships with Your Network

By offering this valuable service, you strengthen your relationships with clients, colleagues, and business partners. 

Personalized Attention to All Referrals You Share

Each referral you share receives our dedicated attention and expertise. 

Working with Highly Trained, Experienced Factoring Professionals

Our team comprises experts in the field, ensuring your clients receive top-notch service. 

No Cost or Obligation to You

Being a referral partner with CapFlow comes at no cost or obligation to you. It’s a win-win. 

No New Debt Created in the Factoring Process

Factoring is a debt-free financing option, allowing businesses to maintain their financial health. 

Companies Can Scale Alongside Your Clients as They Grow

Factoring provides the flexibility for businesses to adapt and grow, without being held back by cash flow constraints. 

Clients Can Use Factoring Only When They Need It

Factoring is a flexible financing solution that businesses can use on an as-needed basis, providing them with the control they desire. 

Prompt Response

Term Sheets Within 24 Hours!

We take pride in our efficiency at CapFlow. When you send us a referral, you can expect a term sheet to be drafted within just 24 hours. This swift response ensures your clients receive the attention and support they need without any unnecessary delays. 

Get Started Today! 

Becoming a CapFlow Referral Partner opens a world of opportunities to grow your business and serve your clients more effectively. If you’re ready to take the next step, don’t hesitate to reach out directly to us. 

Contact Information: 

Joseph Spiegel 

Inside Sales Specialist 


Phone: 332-259-8853 

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