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Invoice Amount
$200 - $5,000,000
Advance Rate
70% - 90%
Cash Available Now
Cash on Collections
Factoring Fee Per 30 days

* Advances up to 95% if you qualify.
* Calculation is an example based on a 2% fee. Actual factoring fees are customized for each client's business and may be higher or lower.
* These calculations are for example purposes only. The rates and terms displayed do not constitute an offer or approval for factoring.

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Cash Available Now

How much capital you will receive from your invoice today

Cash on Collections

How much cash will be received post-collection by CapFlow

Factoring Fee

The total cost of the quick capital

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Understanding Invoice Factoring Fees

Invoice factoring rates are based on the monthly volume of invoicing sold to a factoring company. As your monthly sales improve, and you factor a higher volume of invoices, the factoring fees will go down.

Advance Rate

Advance rates are based on a number of variables. These include the industry the client is working in, the average invoice amount, and the invoice terms.

Payment Terms

The payment terms on the invoice have an effect on the cost of factoring in that the longer the payment terms, the higher the factoring fees will be.

Factoring Fees

Factoring fees are the cost of factoring. Factoring fees are based on the volume of invoicing the client commits to factor each month, the credit and payment history of the client’s customers, and the length of time it takes the customer to pay the invoice.

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