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Invoice Factoring

Get instant liquidity from Capflow. 

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CapFlow - Alternative Business Funding

Instant Liquidity

You don't want to hear that you can't make payroll because we didn't deliver. And you won't. Because we'll buy your invoices today. And if we can't, we'll show you other ways we can deliver working capital fast.

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Fast & Simple

Patience is not a virtue at Capflow. We know you need money and you need it now. We deliver working capital with limited paperwork, same day approvals and deposits within days.

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Flat and Flexible

In order to trust us with your capital and customers, you have to trust... us! Capflow Funding's flat corporate structure means you talk to the people who make the decisions. And we understand that your real value is not found on your balance sheet, but in your potential.

Look How Easy It Is To Get Working Capital

Invoice factoring is a great financing tool for businesses who need cash fast and have unpaid invoices.

1. Ask
Click here, to tell us what you need, and what invoices you’d like us to satisfy.
2. Apply
Provide us a little information about your accounts receivables and a copy of your financials.
3. Purchase
We purchase your outstanding invoices at a small discount, giving you the working capital you need.
4. Capflow
Use your capital to pay suppliers, vendors, or employees and grow your business without adding more debt.

Get Access To Working Capital

In addition to factoring, CapFlow also connects our clients to Purchase Order Financing, Inventory Funding and Merchant Cash Advances.

Look At The Many Ways An Influx Of Working Capital Can Help Your Business Grow

  • Fill large orders in a short time frame
  • Meet weekly payroll requirements
  • Turn over your product cycle more frequently
  • Take advantage of vendor discounts and opportunistic purchases
  • Purchase inventory
  • Satisfy outstanding debts or back taxes
  • Manage seasonal fluctuations
  • Supplement or reduce bank or equity financing
  • Reorganize

Industries we work with:

Getting started is simple


Our goal is to give you the working capital you need to solve a problem, get through a slow time, or grow your business. Just tell us a little bit about yourself. Show us the invoices you’d like us to fund. Get approved almost immediately. Let CapFlow help you succeed.

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