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Accounts Receivable: Money that is owed to you by your customers, usually by issuing an invoice that is due to be paid within a certain period of time. A/R appears in the balance sheet...
Accounts Payable: Invoices and payment owed by a business to their suppliers
Bad Debt: Bad debt is debt that has a minimal or limited chance of being collected. Bad debt is often written off or sold to a collections agency.
Bill of Lading: Legal document with the terms and goods of a shipment by a carrier
Reverse Factoring: A form of factoring where a (usually larger) company finances its receivables through an intermediary, to pay suppliers faster. This is done to favor suppliers and allow them to benefit from the...
Asset Based Loan (ABL): Many businesses look to the holiday season to put them in the black before the year’s end, especially retail businesses. However, as much as a business looks forward to boosting its revenue,...

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