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Working Capital Needs?

CapFlow Funding Group is a company dedicated to just what our name implies:  providing the short-term working Capital you need to keep your cash Flowing.

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Do You Have
Unpaid invoices?

Get an immediate influx of working capital. Bridge the gap between your invoicing & receivables.

You may qualify if:

Sell products/services to other businesses and invoice for collections.

Generate between $250k -25 million in annual revenues

Prefer alternative to traditional funding sources.

Flexible Working Capital Options by Capflow

What Are The Advantages Of Invoice Factoring?

Simpler and more flexible than a traditional bank line. More efficient than raising equity in your company, alternative financing options can sometimes fund within 24 hours.
CapFlow works with your business, there are no fixed payments or monthly minimums, long term contracts or commitments.
If other funding options don't meet your needs, factoring with CapFlow lets you bypass the sometimes-long process of waiting for invoices to be paid.

Get Access To Working Capital

CapFlow has worked with hundreds of American businesses and has provided $1 Billion in working capital. 

How It Works

Working Capital Funding Process

1. Application
Complete and submit your application along with the required documents.
2. Eligibility
CapFlow will review your statements to determine if you are eligible to receive invoice factoring.
3. Offer
If you are eligible CapFlow will make an offer to quickly fund your business objectives.
4. Funding
After completing our review, we will fund your business with working capital quickly and efficiently.

How Can CapFlow Help You?

CapFlow - I Need Merchant Cash Advance

I Need Invoice Factoring

Unpaid invoices? Invoice factoring is an efficient way to access working capital. We help you get funding fast so you can grow your business.

CapFlow - I Want To Become A CapFlow Partner

I Want To Become A Partner

Help us find business owners in need of invoice factoring, and be rewarded! Our partner program is a win-win all around.

Getting started is simple

Our goal is to give you the working capital you need to solve a problem, get through a slow time, or grow your business. Just tell us a little bit about yourself. Show us the invoices you’d like us to fund. Get approved almost immediately. Let CapFlow help you succeed.

Capflow - Request a risk free funding quote
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