Growth Capital Solutions – Consider Invoice Factoring

It’s what every small business owner dreams of – taking their business to the next level. The biggest challenge most owners face when trying to achieve this is having enough funding. [...]


Small Business Survival Kit – Why You Should Include Invoice Factoring

With the current state of the stock market and the economic implications of the Coronavirus pandemic, many small businesses may soon be facing a financial crunch. In tough economic times, cash [...]


Doctor Loan vs Medical Factoring – Which is Best for Your Practice?

Doctor Loan vs Medical Factoring – Which is Best for Your Practice? It can be challenging for medical practices of any size to maintain a steady cash flow, but it can be particularly [...]


The Benefits of Having Access to Short Term Working Capital Funding

While there are many factors to building a successful business, having sufficient working capital is key. Defined simply as the difference between a business’s current assets and its current [...]


Government Invoice Factoring – Skip the Red Tape and Get Paid

For a contractor trying to grow their business, getting your first government contract is a big deal. It could easily catapult your business to the next level – provided you have enough [...]


Unsecured Loans vs Invoice Factoring – Which is Better for Your Business?

At one time or another, almost every business will find themselves in need of a quick infusion of short-term working capital. Trying to obtain a traditional bank can be a lengthy process and can [...]


Invoice Factoring – When it’s the Best Choice for Business Funding

Invoice factoring and many other alternative financing options have historically been looked down upon by traditional financial institutions. This has often caused business owners to be wary of [...]


Invest in Business Growth with Invoice Factoring

Business goals are important. They keep business owners focused and on track. No matter what your specific goals are, they are all stepping stones to achieving the ultimate result – [...]


The History of Factoring – Business Financing Through the Ages

Often when business owners hear about alternative financing options such as factoring, they think it’s a new type of business funding. As with most things that are new, there may be reservations [...]

Factoring – How it Can Benefit Healthcare and Medical Providers

Healthcare and medical providers face a lot of challenges in their day-to-day business operations. One of the biggest is collecting on accounts receivable. It doesn’t matter if you manage a [...]

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