Finance brokers: invoice factoring

Finance brokers: invoice factoring

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CapFlow has worked with hundreds of American businesses and has provided $1 Billion in working capital.
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About capFlow funding group

Business liquidity is a company’s ability to meet its payment obligations. Business owners should be able to determine whether their business could meet all of its financial obligations should they come due at the same time within the normal operating cycle.

The key advantages of financing invoices

What is invoice factoring and how can it provide my merchants with low cost working capital?

Invoice factoring allows your merchants to submit their outstanding invoices to CapFlow, in exchange for cash in working capital today.

Total cost of capital is typically 1 – 2% per month.

Low cost working capital, with high commission payouts that last years

Many industries face a long collection cycle with their customers. With factoring, we pay your merchants for the value of an invoice upfront for a small fee. Typically brokers can expect 10% of earnings as commission, with relationships usually lasting 3+ years.

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