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Quick Application

Quick Application

Have a financing need? Fill out the short contact form below and a CapFlow Representative will be in touch within minutes! At CapFlow, we look to provide our customers with a simple and quick application process. Why wait when you need the working capital today!

Simple Fee Structure

Simple Fee Structure

In order to trust us with your capital and customers, you have to trust... us! Capflow Funding's flat corporate structure means you talk to the people who make the decisions. And we understand that your real value is not found on your balance sheet, but in your potential.

Flexible Solutions

Flexible Solutions

Whether you need to acquire new assets or obtain liquidity from existing equipment, CapFlow has the products and capabilities to assist in providing a funding solution. CapFlow has worked with hundreds of businesses in the past that are seeking an injection of capital financed by their equipment. We look forward to creating funding solutions for our customers that help them achieve their growth objectives. 

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CapFlow has worked with hundreds of American businesses and has provided $1 Billion in working capital. 


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Obtain new working capital by financing existing equipment

At CapFlow we have a wide variety of equipment financing options. Equipment financing is a cost-efficient solution to acquire new assets by financing existing equipment, CapFlow looks forward to funding your business objectives. 


Why choose CapFlow Funding Group for your equipment financing needs?

How Equipment Financing Can Benefit Your Business

The Many Ways An Influx Of Working Capital 

Can Help a Business Grow

Meet Weekly payroll requirements


Manage seasonal fluctuations

Generate Liquidity in a short time frame

Satisfy outstanding debts or back taxes

Supplement Or Reduce bank or equity financing