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Fund your California files with CapFlow Funding Group. 

Instant Liquidity

Instant Liquidity

You don't want to hear that you can't make payroll because we didn't deliver. And you won't. Because we'll buy your invoices today. And if we can't, we'll show you other ways we can deliver working capital fast.

Disclosure Compliant

Disclosure Compliant

At CapFlow Funding Group we have a strong emphasis on industry best practices in regards to compliance disclosure. All active referral partners have direct, complimentary access to our Compliance Dept. 

We work with you

We work with you

If other funding options don't meet your needs, factoring with CapFlow lets you bypass the sometimes-long process of waiting for invoices to be paid.

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CapFlow has worked with hundreds of American businesses and has provided $1 Billion in working capital. We look forward to funding your California factoring files. 


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CapFlow is actively factoring
California businesses

 Invoice factoring is a great financing tool for businesses who need cash fast and have unpaid invoices. At CapFlow, we understand the difficulty many brokers may be facing in placing their California files with compliance ready lenders. 


To Assist Brokers In Financing California Files, CapFlow offers it’s Referral Partners the following benefits:

How Invoice Factoring Can Benefit SMBs

The Many Ways An Influx Of Working Capital 

Can Help a Business Grow

Fill Large Orders in a short time frame

Take Advantage of vendor discounts and opportunistic purchases

Manage seasonal fluctuations

Meet Weekly payroll requirements

Purchase inventory

Supplement Or Reduce bank or equity financing

Turn Over your product cycle more frequently

Satisfy outstanding debts or back taxes


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